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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. Belgrade is a district in Serbia. It is one of the best places to visit in Serbia. Belgrade is also called the white city and the city that never sleeps. Belgrade was established before 279 B.C. Belgrade has 17 municipalities, viz, Barajevo, Cukarica, Grocka, Lazarevac, Mladenovac, Novi Beograd, Obrenovac, Palilula, Rakovica, Savski Venac, Sopot, Stari Grad, Surcin, Vozdovac, Vracar, Zemun and Zvezdara. The total area of the Belgrade district is 3,227 km2. Belgrade has 2 state universities, 195 primary schools and 85 secondary schools. The public transportation available in Belgrade are buses, trams, trolley buses, minibus, taxes and BG train. The main economic and agricultural capacities of Belgrade are metallurgy, commerce, banking, metal-working industry and electronic industry.

Explore the Belgrade through its luscious food

Belgrade is the best location for foodies and is also famous for its wide variety of food items. The most common foods made in restaurants and homes are the following.

● Gibanica
● Prebranac
● Karadordeva Snicla
● Vanilice
● Prebranac
● Slatko
● Srpska Salata or Shopska Salad
● Podvarak
● Rostilj
● Rakija
● Gibanica
● Sarma
● Pljeskavica
● Muckalica
● Musaka
● Punjena Paprika
● Ajvar
● Cevapcici
● Cvarci
● Burke
● Knedle

Must visit places to see in and around Belgrade

belgrade-tourist-places- to-vist

Belgrade Tours

sremski karlovci

Vojvodina Tour

St. Mark's Church, Belgrade

Churches of Belgrade


West Serbia Tour

east serbia waterfalls

East Serbia Tour

Golubac fortress on Danube river Djerdap landscape Serbia

Golubac Tour

Belgrade is a multi-visit destination because most of the attractive places to visit in Serbia can be visited on a day trip from Belgrade. So we can say that Belgrade is the best destination to visit. Some of the best places nearby Belgrade to see are the following.

Golubac Fortress

Golubac fortress is a preserved medieval fortress. It is located in northeastern Serbia, near the Danube river. It was built in the 14th century. Golubac fortress comprises ten towers. Ten towers and archaeological exponents are the highlights of the Golubac fortress. It has three internal compounds.

Devil’s Town

Devil’s town is a world miracle. It is located in Southern Serbia, on the slopes of Radan mountain. It is in the municipality of Kursumlija. It has an unusual rock formation. These rocks are created by soil erosion. Devil’s town consists of around 200 earth pyramids. Stone formations, prolom spa, chele kula (The Skull Tower), springs, constantine the Great, fortress of Nis town and Manasija monastery are the highlights of Devil’s town. Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci is a beautiful town in Northern Serbia. It is situated near the Danube river. In Sremski Karlovci, there are art galleries, art museums, history museums, specialty museums, patriarchy court, etc.

Fruska Gora National Park

Fruska Gora National Park has rare species of fauna and flora. It lies between the towns of Sid and Sarengrad. It covers an area of 266.72 km2. There are 200 bird species in Fruska Gora national park. The main attractions of Fruska Gora National Park are velika remeta monastery, archeological sight gradina, staro hopovo monastery, TV tower and krusedol monastery. The main features of Fruska Gora National Park are endangered wildlife and hiking trails through forests, fields and orchards.

Tara National Park

Tara National Park contains a large part of the Tara and Zvijezda mountains. It is located in western Serbia. It was founded in 1981. There are many things to do at Tara national park, viz, hiking, fishing, cycling, kayaking, etc.

Studenica Monastery

Studenica monastery is the largest Orthodox monastery in central Serbia. It was established in the 12th century. It was built by Stefan Nemanja. The Church of the Virgin and the Church of the King are the two principal monuments of Studenica monastery.

Drvengrad and Mokra Gora

Drvengrad is a small traditional wooden village in Mokra Gora. The houses in this village are made of wood. It is located in Western Serbia. This village hosts the annual Küstendorf Film and Music Festival. The Church of Saint Sava is located in this village.

Museum of Yugoslavia

Museum of Yugoslavia is a beautiful history museum in Belgrade. It has more than 200,000 artifacts. It was established in 1962. It has three buildings, viz, 25 may museum, house of flowers and old museum. The total surface of the museum of Yugoslavia is 5253 m².

Roman Well

Roman Well is made of wood. It was built in the 18th century. It is made to provide clean water for the city. Roman well is located near the Pobednik and King’s Gate in Belgrade. First, when the well was made, it was known as a big well. Later, the well was renamed as Roman well. The depth of roman well is 35 metres and the diameter of roman well is 3.40 metres. There are two rows of steps inside the well, which are attached around the wall of well.

The Church Saint Petka

The Church Saint Petka is a Serbian orthodox church dedicated to the saint Petka. Saint Petka is an 11th-century Bulgarian saint. The Church Saint Petka procured its current name because it was a supporter of the saddlers in the Medieval times, who played out their ceremonies in the church.

Military Museum

Military Museum is a museum located in Carigradski drum, Beograd. It is located within the area of the Belgrade fortress. Military Museum presents the military history of the former Yugoslavia. Military Museum contains army weapons, bombs and missiles, rare guns, etc.

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo is also known as Beo zoo vet or Vrt dobre nade. It is situated in Kalemegdan Park. It was established in 1936. It is a public zoo that spreads on 17 acres of land. It is the largest zoological garden. Belgrade zoo has 210 animals.

Nebojsa Tower

Nebojsa tower is a hexagonal tower and a typical cannon tower with four floors including ground and upper floors. It is located in Belgrade Fortress. It was built in the 15th century. Nebojsa tower has 22 meters height.

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History was established in 1895. It has 120 collections. This museum is divided into four sectors, viz, geology, biology, education and public relations, and joint service.

Nikola Tesla museum

Nikola Tesla Museum is a small science museum dedicated to the life and works of Nikola Tesla. It is located in Belgrade. Nikola Tesla Museum has collections of more than 2000 books and journals, 1000 drawings, 1200 historical technical exhibits, 1000 plans, 160 000 original documents, 1500 photographs and photo plates of original, technical objects, instruments and apparatus.


Skadarlija is a short (less than 400 meters long) and curved vintage street in Stari Grad municipality of Belgrade district. It has restaurants, hotels, art galleries, antique and souvenir shops.

Church of St. Mark

Church of St. Marc is a Serbian Orthodox church. It is the second largest church in Belgrade. It is a 62 meters long church situated in the Tasmajdan park in Belgrade, near the parliament of Serbia.

Saint Sava church

Saint Sava church is also known as Saint Sava temple. It is the largest Serbian Orthodox church in Belgrade dedicated to Saint Sava. There are 49 church bells in Saint Sava church.

Derdap National Park

Derdap National Park is located in eastern Serbia, near the Danube river. It was established in 1974. It spreads on 157,620 acres. It is designated as the UNESCO global geopark.

Best spot to stay in Belgrade

There are many best places to stay in and around Belgrade. Backpacking hostels, budget hotels, mid-range hotels, family-friendly hotels, and luxury hotels are mostly common choices of visitors for stay.

The main hostels and hotels to stay in Belgrade are the following.

● Guest house petrov
● Envoy Hotel
● Belgrade Inn Garni Hotel
● Hotel City Savoy
● Hotel Opera
● Hotel Moskva
● Hyatt Regency
● Square Nine Hotel
● Hotel Townhouse 27
● Allure Caramel Hotel by Karisma
● Crowne Plaza
● Passpartu Home
● Metropol Palace
● Hotel TESL
● Hotel Mint
● Villa Skadarlija
● Hotel Nevski
● Crowne Plaza
● Legacy Apartments
● Saint Ten Hotel
● Hilton
● Apartments Skadarlija
● Veneti Suites
● IHG Hotel
● Queen’s Apartments
● Crystal Hotel

Belgrade river islands

A river island is an uncovered land encircled by river water. Some of the main Belgrade river islands are the following.

  • Ada Medjica in sava river
  • Ada Ciganlija in sava river
  • Velico ratno ostrvo in Danube river
  • Malo ratno ostrvo in sava river
  • Ada Huja in Danube river

Quality of life in Belgrade

For each category, Quality of life and their rating in Belgrade is given in the below table.

Weather conditions in Belgrade

May to September is the warm season and November to March is the cold season in Belgrade. July is the hottest month and January is the coldest month in Belgrade
The average high and low temperature in each month of the year in Belgrade is given in the below table.

Quality of life




Cost of living


Health care


Purchasing power

Very low





Environmental quality


Internet access


Traffic commute time



Very high



Property price to income ratio

Very high

Leisure and culture





Average High Temperature

Average Low Temperature





































In Belgrade, every month there will be rainfall. The inches of rainfall vary each month. The average rainfall in each month of the year in Belgrade is given in the table.


Average Rainfall

























There is also snowfall in Belgrade. Only January, February, March, April, October, November and December have snowfall. The average snowfall in January is 2.7″. The average snowfall in February is 2.8″. The average snowfall in March is 0.9″. The average snowfall in April is 0.1″. The average snowfall in October is 0.1″. The average snowfall in November is 0.9″. The average snowfall in December is 2.4″.

Like rainfall and snowfall, Belgrade has seasonal variations in humidity and wind. December is the most humid month and April is the least humid month in Belgrade.

Reasons for traveling to Belgrade

There are many reasons for traveling to Belgrade. Some of them are the following.

  • Belgrade has beautiful places with remarkable architecture such as Belgrade Fortress, Kalemegdan, Knez Mihailova Street, Karadordeva Street, Cara Dusana Street, etc.
  • Belgrade is the easiest place to visit in Serbia because Belgrade city has crossroads from all corners of Europe.
  • The cost of food, drinks and public transportation is less than in other places in Europe.
  • Belgrade host many festivals such as Bitef (theatre), Belef  (Belgrade Summer Festival), October Salon (contemporary art), Belgrade Jazz Festival and International Film Festival with a long tradition of independent festivals such as Resonate (art and technology), KROKODIL (literature and poetry), Mikser (art, design, music), Free Zone Film Festival, Beldocs (documentary film festival), Belgrade Dance Festival, Devet, etc.
  • Belgrade has many art, cultural, historical, technical and memorial museums such as national museum, military museum, Museum of illusions, museum of yugoslaviay, historical museum, museum of contemporary art, Nikola Tesla museum, museum of science and technology, ethnographic museum, aeronautical museum, museum of applied art, Vuk & Dositej museum, museum of African art, museum of theatrical arts, museum of natural history, railway museum, etc.
  • Belgrade has many parks such as academic park, banjica forest, Belgrade zoo, City park, Gavrilo Princip park, Hyde park, Tasmajdan park, Topcider park, etc.
  • Belgrade has many restaurants, cafes such as przionica, kofein, kafeterija, etc., and bars such as drinka, amelie, smokvica, tezga, pastis, etc.

Budget for Belgrade travel

The cost of transportation, food and drinks are very cheap in Belgrade while comparing to other beautiful places in Europe. The accommodation is also available It best price in the world. Accommodation in 1-star hotels or hostels costs only $ 38 or $ 36 per person/night for 1 room. Meals cost $ 10.6 per person/day in budget restaurants and meals cooked at the hotel. The average transportation cost per person for a day is $ 3.8, if public transport is used. The average budget for Belgrade travel will be $ 53 per day/person.