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    Tourist information center - You ask, we answer!

    You can expect an answer immediately.

    Reservations for touristic services can be made at least 2 hours before the start time.

    However, we advise you to plan all your activities 24 hours in advance.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Belgrade for tourists - how can we help you?

    We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

    You will get recommendations for restaurants in Belgrade, bakeries, cafes…


    You will get a list of attractions that you must visit if you are a tourist in our city.


    You can book it here, on this website, via email, or at the number above. We book all services right away. Taxi, private transportation, car rental, public transport, bike rental, scooter, you name it. Our center will also give you all the necessary information about the service: the price, where to rent if you wanna do it personally.


    If you make a plan in advance you can have great sightseeing by yourself. And it can cost you just a couple of euros.

    What would be also very helpful for you:
    First, make a plan for your trip to Serbia from start to finish. This way you will not lose your time on the destination.

    If you don’t have time to explore the city’s highlights before arrival, contact us, we will make a planner for you. At your request, we will send a personalized itinerary you can follow during your trip to Serbia.
    Second, Use our assistance 24/7 during your stay in Serbia. From the moment you enter the country to the moment you leave it, we are here to guide you, give answers, advice, make reservations for you.


    There are free tours, in Belgrade and in Novi Sad. Each tour has a specific meeting place and time, usually twice a day. Therefore, you don’t need a reservation for a free walking tour. We suggest taking some of these walking tours right upon your arrival, which is a better option instead of waiting until the check-in time.


    In Belgrade, you can find private apartments for rent, guest houses, boutique hotels, bed and breakfast hotels, luxury hotels, and villas. Contact us to recommend accommodation in Belgrade based on your preferences and budget. 


    You can have a private tour with a personal guide in 16 different languages. Tell us what you would like and we will recommend guides in the desired language that are currently available.


    There are a lot of tours in Belgrade that will show you all parts of Serbia in just a couple of days. Maybe, you will not be able to take all tours, especially if you stay for 1-3 days, but most importantly is to choose the right tour, the one that fits your time, interests, and budget. If you are in a dilemma about which tour to take, consult us.


    Boat sightseeing tour and touristic open roof bus tours, sometimes change their time of departure. In case of bad weather, the ride can be canceled. If you want a boat tour, leave us a request for the date you want, we will send you active boat tours for that day and book for you completely free of charge.


    Where to go out in Belgrade at night? So many options to choose from. In short, clubs in Belgrade are different in music, food, and opening hours and above all types of people who visit them. Tell us your expectations and we will recommend you bars, clubs, and cafes in summer and winter that goes with your style.


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    All you need is Belgrade has 2 members in its team. We speak English and Greek, but you can write to us in any language. 



    Text or call us: +381612894528 Viber, WhatsApp

    Milos, your Greek speaking guide
    Marica, your English speaking guide

    Feel free to give us a text or a call with any questions, comments, or concerns. We’re here for you.

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