Eastern Serbia tour will show you how to relax and enjoy like a local!

Serbian cuisine is a pleasure for all senses. You will feel the domestic atmosphere and taste delicious meals with a traditional serbian rakija or wine.

Caves, Waterfalls, Natural Springs and Spa baths in Serbia. You will relax body and mind and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Monasteries: Manasija, Ravanica, Gornjak. You will explore  hidden treasures and the history behind.

Best attractions of Eastern Serbia

Things to do
in Eastern Serbia

It is not possible to visit all attractions in one day. Pick up your favourites and we will make an itinerary to fit your needs.

The Natural History Center of Serbia

The Natural History Center of Serbia represents a blend of science, education, and entertainment. Here you will learn about volcanoes, meet African animals and the first hominid species and dive into the world of dinosaurs.

  • Entrance fee:  500 RSD (4 € per person).
  • 350rsd (3€)  for children under 12 years old.
  • Work time: 10am-6pm 
national history center

Manasija Monastery is one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture and architecture. You will hear the story about Despot Stefan Lazarevic, his life, death, and importance.

No Entrance fee. 

Resavska Cave is one of the oldest surveyed caves, it is about 80 million years old. You will see several halls, each with a different name and meaning. 

  • Entrance fee:  350RSD (3 € per person).
  • Renting a jacket 300rs (2.€ per person)
  • In Resavska cave you will have a special guide for the tour of 45 min
  • Work time: 9 am-5 pm
The model park Eastern Serbia

The Model Park

The Model Park is a unique tourist offer, not only in the municipality of Despotovac but in the whole of Serbia. It consists of 38 models of monasteries and thirty models of Moravian-style houses. Models have been reduced 17 times.

  • Entrance fee:  200 RSD (1.5 € per person).
  • Work time: 10am-7pm from April to October 


Veliki Buk Waterfall

Veliki Buk waterfall is under the protection of the state as a nature reserve of extreme importance. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in Serbia. The huge amount of water runs every second 20 meters in height and it got its name because of the noise it makes.

  • Entrance fee:  100 RSD (1 € per person).
Veliki buk Eastern Serbia
The krupaj spring

The Krupaj Spring

The Krupaj spring is one of the most famous spring source in Serbia. Almost everyone is familiar with the photo of this source and most at first think it is a place from some magical forest at the other end of the planet. However, to see this turquoise gem it is enough to head to Eastern Serbia.

N0 Entrance fee.

The Spa Ždrelo is a natural health resort and its geothermal source has extremely healing water. Temperature is 36-40 c in winter and summer. As in any other spa, there are various other spa treatments such as hydromassage, regular massage, sauna, and relaxing hot tubs. Spa zdrelo has 4 closed and 5 open swimming pools and 1 swimming poll has salty water. 

  • Entrance fee:  1000 RSD (8 € per person)
  • Renting a beach chair 150 rsd (1€).
  • Work time: 10am-7pm all year around

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Eastern Serbia

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  • 9-14 people  € 500

If you have 1 day to spend out of Belgrade and you are a nature and a food lover this is a perfect tour for you. Also perfect for families! Eastern Serbia has the most delicious food, rich natural and cultural heritage and local hospitality. This is not a classic touristic tour, it is a way to experience Serbia like a local. 


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Krupaj Spring in East Serbia