Tara National Park, Mokra Gora and Zlatibor mountain are stunning places to visit in Serbia.


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Explore picturesque landscapes, and amazing views! 


Tara National Park is one of only a few wild places in Serbia that remain untouched by mass tourism.


Wild and unexplored.

Take Sargan Eight railway ride for unforgettable experience!


Visit the wooden village and make stunning pictures!


Feel the authentic spirit of old Serbia.


Zlatibor is such a gem.

Nature and attractions, all in one place!


Take your time here and enjoy the city center, and Gold Gondola ride.


Zlatibor is a must visit place!


Tour option 1

Belgrade to Tara National Park

  • Banjska Rock
  • Raca monastery
  • Perucac lake
  • River ” The Year”
  • House on the Drina River
  • Other on request

Best attractions of Tara Mountain

Things to do
on Tara national park

Raca Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox Church located on the right bank of Raca river, in the foothills of Tara mountain.


It is founded by Stefan Dragutin in the 13th century.

From 1690 until 1795 Raca monastery was in ruins. The total reconstruction was completed in 1976.


It has the highest level of State protection as a Monument of Culture of Great Importance.

Situated only 6km from the city of Bajina Basta, Raca monastery is an ideal stop for history lovers. 


Photo made by @jelena96krstic


River Vrelo - One Year River

The Vrelo river is known as “The Year” because of its length of 365m.


It is located 13km from Bajina Basta and represents one of the shortest rivers in the world.

Although short, it has all the characteristics of great rivers: A large spring, a pond on its right shore, two bridges, two hydro centers, and a watermill.

Its flow ends with a large 10m high waterfall that pours into the Drina river.

Viewpoint Banjska rock on Tara mountain

Banjska stena viewpoint is one of the most visited landmarks of Tara National Park.  


The scenes of turquoise blue Perucac lake and Drina river canyon will remain in your memory forever and most likely to decorate the background of your phones.




Photo made by @hike_serbia

Zaovine Lake is the most beautiful lake in Serbia.


Although artificial, it does not give that impression. Spilled into five bays (star-shaped), the water of this lake is amazingly clear and has the same emerald color as Drina river.


Great for swimming in the summer, in autumn it delights with the surrounding colors of the forest. 

Gate of Podrinje - lookout

Gate of Podrinje (Kapija Podrinja serb.) is located on the slopes of Mount Povlen.


This stop offers a wonderful view of the mountain areas around the Drina river and Tara National Park.


It’s an easily accessible attraction to rest and enjoy the scenery.


The Little House on the Drina river (Kucica na Drini Serb.)  is a symbol of Bajina Basta, unique in the world. 


Wavy and unharvested Drina river tend to take away the house from time to time, but people always build a new, stronger and more beautiful one.


It has been resisting nature for almost half of a century, and attract tourists from all over the world.

This attraction is ranked in the top 16 strangest houses in the world.

Sjenic - Scenic View of Tara National Park

Sjenic viewpoint is located on the Black Peak in the Tara National park.


The viewpoint is really beautifully arranged for visitors and not crowded.


At 1444 m above sea level you will find 10m high wooden observation tower.

At the same time, this is also a lookout at the highest altitude of Tara.



Photo made by @jelena96krstic

Tour option 2

Visit tara and mokra Gora mountain

  • House on the Drina River
  • Gate of Podrinje 
  • Shargan Eight railway
  • Mecavnik – Wooden city
  • Other on request

Best attractions of Mokra Gora Mountain

Things to do
on mokra gora


Explore the Mokra Gora mountain with a unique train ride through the Sargan Eight Railway – an old railway shaped in the form of a number eight, with numerous stunning viewpoints along the way.

  • Drive time: 2.5h
  • Entrance fee: 8 per person
  • Open in summer season: from 1st April to 31st October
  • Open in winter season: From 24.12.2022 to 22.01.2023, and from 9.02. to 19.02.2023.

There are several mineral springs on Mokra Gora, well-known and healing.

The most famous one is called “The White Water”. It cures rheumatic and skin diseases.

It belongs to the Diocese of Zica Serbian Orthodox Church.

It was built by a citizen of Dubrovnik as a sign of gratitude to the natural spring.

  • Entrance free.

This small, rural tourist destination that evokes a by-gone time, is created for everyone who wants to rest, relax and enjoy the perfect weekend getaway.

This ethnic village contains attractive accommodation,  wooden or brick-built holiday homes but also offers courts for almost all sports and a wide range of recreational activities.

  • Entrance is free.

Mecavnik – the Wooden city is an ethno village created by Serbia’s famous movie director Emir Kusturica for the purposes of film shooting.


This attraction has four stars accommodation facilities of 115 rooms, a ski track, cinema, farm, Serbian buffet table and interesting restaurants. 

  • Entrance fee:  250 RSD (2 € per person)
  • Work time: 10am-7pm

Tour option 3

Visit zlatibor with a private chauffeur

  • Gold Gondola panoramic ride
  • Gostilje waterfall
  • Sirogojno ethno village
  • Stopica Cave
  • Zlatibor city center
  • Other on request

7 attractions to visit on Zlatibor mountain

Things to do on zlatibor mountain


Zlatibor is much more than a mountain ski resort.

The center of Zlatibor is fully arranged for visitors.


There are beautiful Zlatibor Lake surrounded by many restaurants, shops, markets, Ribnicko lake.


Ski Center Tornik is the center of fun and sports activities, even in the summer: tubing, fun bob, zip line, cycling.


The latest tourist attraction of Western Serbia is called ” Gold Gondola” – the longest cable car in the world!


The Gondola connects  Center of Zlatibor with the mountain peak Tornik. 

This experience offers an unforgettable view of the entire mountain.


You will cruise above the most beautiful and well-kept scenes with a panorama view.

  • Entrance fee:  1000 RSD (8 € per person)
  • Duration of the ride: 25min one way
  • Work time: 10am-2pm if the wind is not strong



Experience Wil Wild West!

El Paso City is a theme park located 14 km from Zlatibor.

Cowboy town and an Indian village are on the one side, and a Serbian part with Zlatibor hamlets and a church are on the other side. 

  • Entrance fee: 500 RSD  adults / 360 RSD kids (3€ /4€ per person)
  • Summer season: 9am-5pm
  • Winter season: 9am-4pm

Sirogojno ethno village is an outdoor museum.


The houses are not fake. They have been transferred from different parts of Zlatibor to Sirogojno.


To revive the spirit of the mountain life and to protect it from oblivion.

You will find out how was it to live here, how people worked, where did they sleep, cook.


Get a relaxing walk through time, and later drop by the souvenir shop for a raw plum cake, packed in grape leaf.

  • Entrance fee:  150 RSD (1.5 € per person)
  • Curator’s guidance book in advance
  • Work time:    April 1 – October 31: 9am-7pm,  November 1 – March 31: 9am-4pm

Stopica Cave is a river cave through which the Trnava stream flows.


It got its name after the” Stopici” village.

The cave is located 20km from Zlatibor and has an impressive entrance 35 meters wide and 18 meters high, making it the largest in the Balkans.

It has five halls lighted by colorful lights.

  •  Entrance fee: 250 RSD (€2 per person),
  • Kids 7-15 years old 150 RSD (€1.2 per person)
  • Work time: October 24 –  April 5: 9.30 am-4.30 pm,
  •  April 6 – July 15: 9.30 am-6 pm
  •  July 16 – September 10: 9.30 am-7 pm
  • September 11 –  October 23: 9.30 am-6 pm

Gostilje waterfall is beautiful for taking pictures, all along the way.


The water flows from a 22m high limestone cliff and provides a unique scene.  It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Serbia.


According to the legend, fairies used to bathe here, and today visitors have the opportunity to enjoy and feel the power and strength of untouched nature.

  • Entrance fee:  200 RSD (€1.5 per person)



Dino Park is a theme park of fun and education for kids and adults.


Here you will find The adventure park with 5 levels of obstacles, zip line, climbing rock, 6D cinema, airsoft, archery, ATM vehicles for kids, mini-golf, tubing, football, big playground, mini zoo and kids island.

  • Entrance fee: 850rsd (€7)
  • Kids 3-15 years old 600rsd (€5)
  • Avantura Park – 1h- 700rsd (€5.8)
  • Work time; summer: 9 am-8 pm
  • Winter: 10 am-4 pm

Good to know when traveling to tara national park and zlatibor


The average group size is 2-8 passengers. However, we usually have 2 to 5 passengers.

Make your reservation or cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.  Why? Because day trip from Belgrade to Tara National Park start early in the morning.

Western Serbia is a great trip for anyone who loves nature and adventure. Keep in mind that some lookouts are hard to reach by vehicle and hiking is necessary. If you are ready for this adventure, there will be no problem for the whole family. 

 If you would like to visit Tara National park and Zlatibor mountain with all the attractions, 2 days will be necessary.

You can visit up to 5 attractions in one day.

The driving distance from Belgrade to Tara National park is around 250km one way and about 4h drive. And the round trip Belgrade-Western Serbia-Belgrade is 550km.

The weather in Tara National Park on January 2022 ranges from – 4°C during the day, and  -22°C during the night. Some would describe it as freezing. about 4h drive. And the round trip Belgrade-Western Serbia-Belgrade is 550km.

tara national park tour

Tara National park, Mokra Gora Mountain and Zlatibor region have more than 20 tourist attractions to discover.


It is not possible to visit all this places of Western Serbia,  in one day.

Pick your favorite attractions  and we’ll give you an itinerary to fit your needs.


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