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Ideal for photographers, families with kids, friends… 

belgrade City car tour

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belgrade city car tour

Private tour with custom itinerary.

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In 1895, one hundred of the most prominent citizens of  Belgrade, led by Metropolitan Mihail, founded the Society for the erection of the St. Sava Temple in Vracar, at the place where the relics of Sent Sava were burned.  The construction of the temple began in 1935 but it was stopped  in following years by many events. Today The saint Sava Temple is one of the world’s largest orthodox churches. It is a breathtaking edifice constructed in Serbian and Byzantine style…



Zemun - the oldest part of Belgrade city

On the right side of the Danube, near the confluence with the Sava River, lies the timeless Zemun, which, with its tradition and cultural heritage, provides the peace we all need after a hard day’s work in a bustling metropolis like Belgrade. In this small area everything looks unique: small houses, villas, open markets where you can buy traditional serbian products, The Millenium Tower, The Danube quay with swans…

This exclusive and private tour will show you all the important historical, cultural, and commercial sights of the Serbian Capital. Hear the history behind bombing scars, visit the Church of Saint Sava, walk along the Danube, and explore Zemun.



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Belgrade city attractions to stop and explore

Kalemegdan Fortress

Belgrade’s Fortress offers numerous attractions for visitors:

  • The Military Museum 
  • Belgrade’s Zoo
  • The Tower Nebojsa 
  • Roman Well 
  • The Museum of Natural History
  • The Church Ružica
  • The Church Saint Petka
  • Themed open-air exhibitions….

Nikola Tesla museum is one of the most popular museums in Belgrade. It is open every day from 10:00-20:00. Tours are on serbian and english language and it is crowded with visitors. Get to Know Nikola Tesla,  a scientist who produced many patents that truly changed the world..

The Museum of Yugoslavia is about a period and time that many people remember with the melancholy. It reveals the  story of a country of Yugoslavia that is no longer exist. It is also a Memorial Center of the Josip Broz Tito  and the Museum of the Revolution of Peoples and Nationalities of Yugoslavia…


Begrade City center

Belgrade in serbian translation means The White City, and if you take a tour around it you will notice renovated buildings painted in white. There are so many attractions to visit: Knez Mihailova street, Dorcol. Kneza Milosa street, Nato  Bomb Buildings, Kafana “?”, Belgrade Waterfront. The National Assembly, St. Mark Church, The Republic Square, The Slavija square, National Museum…

Ada Ciganlija - Belgrade sea

Ada Ciganlija represent a kind of ecological oasis   and the largest sports – recreational – cultural – entertainment center in Belgrade, which offers over 50 outdoor sports fields (handball, football, tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, golf, beach volleyball …), adrenaline activities ( bungalow jumping, adventure park, zip line, paintball, aqua skiing, ski lane, diving ..), wellness programs entertainment programs and facilities for the youngest visitors (city on water, pedal boats, park science, cart rides, picnic area, playgrounds …), trim park, trim tracks, cycling, roller skating, miniature golf, practicing yoga…

Ada Ciganlija

Avala Belgrade Mountain

Avala is a mountain located 17 km southeast of Belgrade, the altitude is 511 meters,  which  makes it the lowest mountain in central Serbia. 

At the top of Avala is a monument to Unknown Hero, built in gratitude for all the fighters who laid down their lives defending Belgrade and the homeland, who could not be identified. More and more tourists are visiting the monument, and the mystery that has accompanied the construction is still present…

Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront is a new area in Belgrade city.

Here you will find new buildings, and beautiful promenade along the Sava river with lots of restaurants, caffe bars, weekend promotions…

You should visit this part of the city in the evening, on sunset. Ideal for kids, romantic couples and families!

belgrade waterfront city tour

Skadarlija - Bohemian Quarter

Skadarska street

Skadarlija is bohemian quarter in Belgrade. Old more than 100 year, and one of the few that has cobblestones.

This old fashion street is full of popular Serbian restaurants. They are beautiful decorated  with flowers, lamps and mostly made of natural wood andf stone. 

Skadarska street is a city attraction where you can take a waalk and have a delicious dinner of a Serbian cuisine. 

ADA BRIDGE 1 belgrade city
ZEMUN belgrade
  • The Republic Square

  • Hotel Moskva

  • National Assembly

  • Kneza Milosa street

  • Bombing scars buildings

  • Slavija Square

  • Sent Sava Catedral

  • Partizan and Red Star stadium

  • House of Flowers

  • Dedinje

  • Belgrade Fair

  • Ada bridge

  • New Belgrade

  • Zemun

  • Millenium Tower

  • Hotel Yugoslavia

  • Usce shopping mall

  • Brankow bridge

  • Kalemegdan

Discover belgrade highlights

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  • Panoramic sightseeing
  • 4 stops included
  • Duration: 4h

min 3pax for realisation

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Belgrade city in half-day tour

Private tour with custom itinerary.

  • 1-2   persons    € 110
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  • 5-6   persons    € 220
  • 7-8    persons   € 250

All Belgrade city in a single day

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  • Panoramic sightseeing
  • stops on request
  • Duration: 8h

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Belgrade city in full-day tour

Private tour with custom itinerary.

  • 1-2   persons    € 170
  • 3      persons    € 220
  • 4      persons    € 260
  • 5-6   persons    € 295
  • 7-8   persons    € 330